2012 Suzuki Jimny

2012 Suzuki Jimny at New Delhi Motor Show

On the New Delhi motor show has Suzuki presents the successor to the compact SUV Jimny. The 2012 Suzuki Jimny for 2012 is visually much more modern. First pictures. For diehard fans of SUV, the message is a medium-sized sensation: tiny teaser’s images and a rough concept drawing, Maruti Suzuki announced a new show on the upcoming motor show in Delhi.

Because Suzukli Jimny, as we know it in Germany, is built almost unchanged since 1998, making it a true Methuselah in the fast-growing SUV market. Now, the concept car was called “XA alpha” reveals.

2012 Suzuki Jimny : Premiere in India

On the Delhi motor show has Suzuki presented a new compact SUV, which is visible as a successor to the Jimny. The importance of the Indian market for the Japanese producers shows that Suzuki has presented the compact roaders in India and not at the recently held Tokyo Motor Show.

After all, the Suzuki subsidiary Maruti-Suzuki, is the concept car now under the name “XA alpha” pointed to the subcontinent of the clear leader. The concept car shows, compared to the current Jimny, a strong growth: with four feet outside length it is although shorter than the door Vitara, but to almost 40 centimeters longer than the current Jimny.

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Motorized is current K-series petrol engine of the future Jimny, also a diesel engine from Fiat is to be used. For cost reasons, it will stay with a rigid selectable four-wheel drive with gear reduction.

The 2012 Suzuki Jimny is one of the cheapest all-terrain vehicle on the German market (base price 14,600 euros) and still very popular, Suzuki has sold around 4,000 new Jimny last year in Germany. In India, however, was the Jimny so far not at the start. Suzuki sold a license production of the Jimny Urahns, the Suzuki SJ 410 the Gipsy – still. The one-liter SUV with the basic shape, which was known at least as Samurai, was retired in 1985 in Europe.

2012 Suzuki Jimny: More technology

Specifically for the Western markets a modern descendant is an urgent need in spite of the still considerable sales of Jimny. Especially in terms of the upcoming emissions standards, guidelines for pedestrian protection and assistance systems (ESP duty), it will gradually work closely for the popular site dwarf.

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