bmw 7 series facelift side picture

BMW 7 Series Facelift Side Picture

BMW 7 Series will come as a facelift on the market. One reason to push really on the tube silly if the police see it. This has also meant the test driver of the BMW 7 Series, but unfortunately made the statement without the ladies and gentlemen in green to have.

The have it exactly on the spot pulled off the road, waiting at our hunters on his victims. That will probably remain the secret of our photographers after all we are missing out on the new pictures of BMW 7 Series.

BMW will present the facelift at the Auto China in Beijing, the launch takes place later, during the year. However, the facelift remains marginal,2 014/2015 is the new generation of 2011 BMW 7 Series on the market.

New BMW 7 Series with more powerful engines and the front and rear of the upper-range model in the context of the revision facelifts. New rims adorn the wheel arches, the headlights get a greater customization and support of changing led daytime running lights. On the drive side is also upgraded a little of BMW 7 Series .

BMW 7 Series Facelift Side Hp

The 740i is a little more down to around 350 hp, making the 750i in the future around 450 hp. Reasons of prestige probably also in the twelve-cylinder 760i will remain in the program. With the new diesels generators are used the 730d with 258 hp and the 740d with 313 hp.

BMW 7 Series with efficient dynamics, which also holds with start-stop function and regenerative braking catchment. When it comes to hybrids, it will continue to give the Active Hybrid, with its popular four-wheel models remain in the program.

All engines are coupled with an eight-speed automatic. An M version there will not bein the future of BMW 7 Series, but the long version can also be ordered after the facelift.

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