Mercedes B-Class E-Cell 2011

Mercedes B-Class E-Cell 2011

Mercedes B-Class E-Cell 2011 is new electric car with range extender presented by Mercedes at IAA. The study also looks at the planned production vehicle that will come in 2014 on the market.

Mercedes B-Class E-Cell with the combination of a 70 kW electric motor and a one-liter three-cylinder Glow engines with an output of 68 hp, the vehicle shall meet on the basis of the new B-class all everyday and long-range requirements. Can cover around 100 kilometers, the Mercedes B-Class E-Cell, according to purely electric. Switches itself to the Incinerator should be possible up to 600 kilometers.

Both units are located in the engine compartment. The lithium-ion battery, whose energy storage have been no indications so far done is installed along with the fuel tank in a false floor beneath the rear seats. Mercedes B-Class E-Cell over the charging socket in the rear bumper, the battery can be plugged into any household outlet or charging station.

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Features of Mercedes B-Class E-Cell 2011

The concept vehicle Mercedes B-Class E-Cell is always electrically when the battery has enough energy. The charge level drops below a certain value, or the vehicle is traveling faster than 60 km / h, the three-cylinder engine automatically switches to a direct drive. Mercedes B-Class E-Cell with speeds below 60 km / h of these charges the battery via a generator only. In this way the study can be moved according to the developers with a CO2 output of 32 grams / km. In both modes, the Sprint will be achieved from zero to 100 km / h in 11.6 seconds and a top speed of 150 km / hr.


At her appearance the IAA vehicle concept Mercedes B-Class E-Cell is already in a near-standard condition. With the introduction of the Mercedes model series will offer a program that allows the owner via a PC or smart phone to access his vehicle to charge the battery or attempt to obtain residual range. Similar to a heater can be set and also a preprogram the start of charging. Mercedes B-Class E-Cell addition to the new Brake Assist, the electric car with all available safety and assistance systems from Mercedes is equipped.

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