Suzuki Regina 2011

Suzuki Regina 2011 All You Know

Suzuki Regina 2011 picture The Suzuki Regina 2011 is an concept car produced by Japan auto maker Suzuki and show at Tokyo Motor Show. The Tokyo Motor Show may well have lost its luster in recent years with the crisis local manufacturers did not allocate at least a field day on their concepts. Far from the fantasies of many supercars available as European general at such events, the Japanese generally prefer to let their creativity on small cars as charming as they are ingenious.

This year, Suzuki will not be outdone. The star of the stand will be the Suzuki Regina, a concept of small city-style explosive. A little too long to fit into the category of kei car (3.55 m), it mixes with happiness without a back bow grille, tail lights designer of each side of a rear window gives the illusion of being reversed so Ami 6, solid wheels and rear semi-keeled. All linked by a particularly marked waistline, in a dress adorned with an apple green white roof.

Features of Suzuki Regina 2011

The Suzuki Regina is primarily an exercise in style, and Suzuki saw no need to graft it virtually an electric motor. The manufacturer is pleased to announce a consumption of just over 3 l/100 km and CO2 emissions of 70 g / km “with a gasoline engine,” we imagine for instance be the three-cylinder 1.0 68 ch of the Alto. For this, the little Suzuki enjoys a aérdoynamique studied and contained a mass only 730 kg.

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Hopefully the physical strange not trigger immediately a global disenchantment. It is true that the objective of the designers is primarily aerodynamics. Suzuki says, and have reduced the drag coefficient of 10% compared to a conventional model, but advance sales. The Suzuki Regina seeks primarily because energy efficiency.

Its mass and appears particularly low: 735 kg, or at the very least 350 kg less than the lightest compact modern. The Suzuki Regina is currently only a concept car. However, it undoubtedly heralds a new model of the brand, whose appearance will probably be much more consensual.

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